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Following the entrepreneurial path established by its owner in 1989, GNC Venture Group has diversified and expanded its operations to include  the publishing of award-winning niche publications, marketing and public relations, media and business consulting and real estate acquisition and management.


At GNC Venture Group, we are proud to assist businesses of all sizes, from small start-up firms to multi-million dollar companies.

In our changing economic climate, we offer a variety of services including:

• Print, digital marketing and public relations;
• Award-winning graphic design;
• Website design and comprehensive SEO;
• Business consulting with a focus on marketing strategies and media relations in the new millennium.

The diversity of our services is the foundation of our success. By bringing these services together, we are better able to provide a comprehensive strategy that will better benefit our client in the long term.


Our greatest strength at GNC Venture Group is our ability to carefully analyze each client's specific needs and offer a scenario that would be the best solution to their requests.

We follow a structured protocol for each and every project we undertake by:

• Thoroughly understanding the nature of our client's business and project needs;
• Initial plan design/ideas is submitted for client’s evaluation;
• Project enters draft stage with client’s involvement. Once client is comfortable with drafted plan, we:
• Initiate final stages of project;
• Project is submitted to client for final approval and, if needed, we provide training to client specific to project maintenance.

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